These DVD’s provide the Orthoflexology & Reflexology techniques that can help you...

• Alleviate 90% of chronic & acute ailments
• Combat the rising costs of health care
• Facilitate the healing potential of the body

Current Titles on DVD & Download....
Orthoflexology - Ultimate Low Back & Hip New
Zone Therapy - Application for the Hands New
Reflexology Fundamentals II
Reflexology Fundamentals I


“Every Household could benefit greatly by having this DVD. The information and techniques on this DVD will empower the user to alleviate 90% of the ailments in the world today and will help prevent health challenges from occurring in the future. This DVD is a great adjunct to any health care program.”

About the Instructor

Scott Kingsbury: L.M.T.

  • Certified Orthopedic Therapist
    (Certified through the Center for pain management: James Waslaski).
  • Certified Reflexologist
    (Certified through the International Institute of Reflexology).
  • Continuing Education Provider NCBTMB
    (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

Florida # 50-1268
National #394005-00

"It is my hope that every household will have someone who practices the awesome science of reflexology. It is a great way to prevent future illness as well as give significant relief to those who suffer with acute and chronic painful conditions. Invest in your health naturally! You’re worth it!"

Scott Kingsbury

I am a self employed therapist and bring an abundance of practical experience to the table. I have worked on well over 13,000 pair of feet and 16,500 people in the last ten years, at my private practice in Melbourne, Florida... and have witnessed incredible, positive outcomes with various health conditions, ranging from arthritis to rotator cuff injuries, medial meniscus strains to sinusitis and even Parkinson's disease, and yes, the list continues on and on.....

Reflexology will facilitate healing in over 90% of the worlds health conditions. I am enthusiastic and passionate about this science because of all the amazing personal case histories. Applied correctly this science provides results in a big way. It's the "science" of reflexology that I would like to share with you.

As an Orthopedic Therapist I facilitate the healing potential by using a variety of soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, M.E.T. muscle energy technique, traction, compression, scar tissue mobilization, joint capsule work and soft tissue twisting. All of these techniques are blended into a format that addresses the specific concerns of the receiver. By lengthening the shortened contracted tissues you are able to facilitate the release of the overstretched ischemic tissues and return the body back into a state of structural balance relieving many of the symptoms being experienced. Orthopedic Therapy focuses on pain free healing.

As a healing detective it is important to unravel the soft tissue challenge by the intelligent use of technique rather than forcing the issue with our own agenda in mind. As we assess range of motion, end feel, postural distortions, and movement patterns, apply muscle testing and palpate tissues, we are able to gain the insight into the soft tissue problem. Orthoflexology was born out of the tremendous healing potential of Orthopedic Therapy and Reflexology combined. By treating the structural imbalance (Short vs. Overstretched) and then treating the reflex areas of the feet you are able to immerse the body (From the "outside in" & the "inside out") with a greater volume of blood flow which significantly increases homeostasis (Balance) in the body.

It has been said if you had adequate blood flow to every cell in your body you would be pain free and in perfect health. May we continue to seek ways to improve the healing potential in every person we meet.


In June of 2003 I started working with the nurses at Health First at their "Fundamentals of Pain Conference" Instructing them on the the benefits of reflexology. I continued to work with the group of 50 nurses over the next three years. These presentations generated "Rave Reviews" by the attendees.
Contact: Denise/Clinical Education Practitioner 321-434-1960

In 2004 I became the (Reflexology Education Provider) at Space Coasts Health Institute instructing students in the science of reflexology. I have instructed 6 " Reflexology Fundamentals" courses per year since 2004 and continue to instruct Reflexology at S.C.H.I. at the present time.
Contact: Aimee/Education Coordinator 321-729-9000

In 2007 I began offering a new training program in the spa industry. Recently we have presented "Reflexology Fundamentals" at Admirals Cove Spa in Jupiter Fl.- Ginn Reunion Spa in Celebration Fl. - Amelia Island Plantation Spa, Amelia Island fl., Essentials Spa, Melbourne FL. Diplomat Resort and Spa Ft. Lauderdale FL.- Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island Fl. These events were a great success. We again generated "Rave Reviews" by the participants which included massage therapists and cosmetologists.

In 2008 we started presenting at the FSMTA(Florida State Massage Therapy Association) chapter meetings. Presenting "Reflexology Fundamentals" has been a great opportunity to work with and educate many fine therapists here in the state of Florida. Hundreds have turned out to witness the amazing benefits that are attainable through the science of reflexology as you facilitate the precise application of technique and intention. In 2011 we were selected to be presenters at the FSMTA annual convention in Orlando, Fl., which is the premier massage therapy convention in the nation. It is a privilage as well as an honor, to be part of such a wonderful group of educators!

I am also a teaching assistant to James Waslaski (International Lecturer and Author) president of "The Center for Pain Management in Hurst, Texas. James travels 42 weekends a year around the globe presenting Orthopedic Massage. James comes to Florida 3 to 4 times a year and I am always privileged to work with and assist this world class presenter. I have been assisting James for the last 7 years until present. I was Certified in Orthopedic massage in Dec 2006. His website is





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