These DVD’s provide the Orthoflexology & Reflexology techniques that can help you...

• Alleviate 90% of chronic & acute ailments
• Combat the rising costs of health care
• Facilitate the healing potential of the body

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Orthoflexology - Ultimate Low Back & Hip New
Zone Therapy - Application for the Hands New
Reflexology Fundamentals II
Reflexology Fundamentals I


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Reflexology - Back Pain Treatment

Introduction to Reflexology Fundamentals

Reflexology - Orthoflexology Low back and hip introduction

Foot Treatment Using Reflexology

Reflexology - Foot Pain treatment

Reflexology - Muscle
Energy Technique

Reflexology - Zone
Therapy Finger Pressure



“Every Household could benefit greatly by having this DVD. The information and techniques on this DVD will empower the user to alleviate 90% of the ailments in the world today and will help prevent health challenges from occurring in the future. This DVD is a great adjunct to any health care program.”

New Release!
Orthoflexology: Ultimate Low Back & Hip

Over 35 minutes on the DVD

Orthoflexology is an amazing treatment protocol of the future.Orthoflexology provides the precision of an osteopath, as well as the skills of soft tissue chiropractic, zone therapy, orthopedic therapy and reflexology.
Orthoflexology uses the principles of manual medicine to provide one of the most fascinating and diverse treatments available in the world today. A person trained in orthoflexology is able to treat virtually any problem or condition; this includes 93% of the ailments in the world today. An orthoflexologist will assess anatomical (Bony) landmarks, range of motion, tender or trigger points, reflex tenderness, zone imbalance, to determine the best treatment protocol for the individual. An orthoflexologist uses a wide variety of techniques to bring the body back into a state of "neutral" or balance, some of the techniques include: M.E.T. muscle energy technique, S.T.T. soft tissue twisting, reflex stimulation in the feet, zone pressure to the digits, just to name a few. We invite you to take a look at one of the amazing modalities of the future. Orthoflexology will empower the practitioner with a multitude of effective modalities that will greatly increase the potential for an optimal desired outcome.
Orthopedic Therapy:
This aspect of the video will empower the practitioner to indentify the anatomical imbalances associated with pelvic imbalance. This section also includes the application of M.E.T. muscle energy technique and how it relates to correcting the anatomical imbalances presented by the receiver. In this portion of the video the fractioned will view the application of M.E.T. on a live subject which includes how you may effectively correct any P.S.I.S. imbalance (high right/left hip), sacral rotations both right/left, A.S.I.S imbalances both right and left, as well as the correction of leg length differentials on either the right or left leg. The information has been simplified to make it extremely user friendly for the practitioner.
Soft Tissue Twisting:
This aspect of the video will empower the practitioner with a highly effective protocol in treating tender points as well as trigger points within the receiver’s body. The information within this portion of the video describes how the practitioner can use the longitudinal zone lines to turn off pain in any soft tissue attachment of the body; this includes all muscles, ligaments, tendons. With the S.T.T. protocol the practitioner will be able to effectively turn off soft tissue pain completely as simply as one could turn off a light switch. This aspect of the video will simply amaze you with the simplicity and effectiveness in which you can turn off painful patterns within the receiver’s body. Once you have mastered this portion, you will never have to work as hard again. If you are looking to work smarter not harder, and facilitate results that that you never thought were possible, then I invite you to invest in this video, you will never look at bodywork in the same way again.
Reflex Zone Therapy:
This portion of the video demonstrates how the practitioner can effectively use the RZT protocol to completely turn off back and hip pain simply by using the principles described within. This portion includes the principles of how to perform the thumb/finger walking techniques, how to perform 2 of the RZT relaxation techniques that are associated with hip and back pain, as well as the clinical application of how to treat the spinal reflex areas which includes the cervical/thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccyx areas of the feet. This segment of the video also empowers the practitioner with the knowledge of how to treat the pelvic/hip, hip sciatic, and knee/leg reflex areas of the receiver’s feet. This portion of the video alone is highly effective in treating low back and hip problems without the application of orthopedic therapy or soft tissue twisting.
When the practitioner combines all aspects of this video, they will be empowered to effectively treat most low back and hip problems presented in their office. I have personally found that I am able to effectively treat 90% of the individuals who present with low back and hip pain, and to my amazement, most of the individuals treated are completely pain free in "One" treatment. If you find this hard to believe then I invite you to give this orthoflexology video a try, you won’t be disappointed!!!

New Release!
Orthoflexology: Zone Therapy - Application for the Hands

Zone therapy was founded and developed by Dr William Fitzgerald. Dr Fitzgerald developed and perfected the use of static pressure in regards to the longitudinal zone lines of the body, five zones on the right side, five zones on the left side, with a total of ten lines. Dr Fitzgerald stated in one of his books that there are innumerable zone lines throughout the body; however he simplified his system for practical purposes to make it user friendly for the practitioner.
This video discusses the principles of zone therapy and how it relates to the application of the hands. This video provides the practitioner with a view of the zone lines of the body, and discusses the relationship of the zone lines and how they relate to different aspects of the body. The contents of this video will also describe for the practitioner the relationship of the digits (fingers) and how they correspond to the anterior aspect of the body, the posterior aspect of the body, as well as the medial and lateral aspects of the body.

This video also provides the practitioner with practical applications on a live subject, and how each specific application corresponds to different painful conditions that may be presented in you clinical setting. The information in this video will empower the practitioner to effectively turn of pain anywhere in the body simply by providing static compressive force to the distal joint space of each digit. The information in this video will assist the practitioner in effectively treating 65 - 70% of the population in the world today.
If you are looking for an amazing and effective application that can be done anywhere and anytime without the use of a table of any other equipment, then this video is a must for you.

Fundamentals 2

Over 49 minutes on the DVD.

This advanced DVD will empower the healthcare professional with specific tools that will enhance their effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in accelerated performance regarding positive client outcomes. The information provided on this DVD will assist the practitioner in making the unbelievable become believable. If you are looking for a great tool that will enhance your practice this Reflexology Fundamentals II DVD is for you!

1. Clients Positioning
This chapter describes the optimal positioning of the client in regards to receiving a reflexology treatment.

2. Therapists Body Mechanics
This chapter focuses on the mechanics and position that the therapist should adopt while giving a reflexology treatment.

3. Advanced Foot Techniques
The advanced foot techniques include, pump the walk, zone analgesia technique, diaphragm pull and curl, and no vision technique.

4. Relaxation Flow
The relaxation flow chapter highlights the progressive flow of relaxation techniques combined in a continuous movement sequence.

5. Systematic Application of Reflex Areas
This chapter is designed to instruct the therapist on how to move from one reflex area to another, providing visual evidence of how to work all the reflex areas in a systematic format.

6. Spontaneous Alignment Techniques
This chapter focuses on the precise placement of hands and fingers to facilitate spontaneous alignments within the phalanges, metatarsals, and tarsals of the receiver.

7. Optimize Techniques - Forearm - Wrist - Hand
The chapter displays techniques designed to increase circulation throughout the forearm wrist and hand, which includes relaxation techniques for the hand, reflex techniques for the hand, muscle energy techniques for the forearm - wrist - hand, as well as spontaneous alignment techniques for the wrist and hand.

Reflexology Fundamentals 1
DVD Contents

24 chapters in all! with a total of 47.20 minutes on the DVD.

This DVD will give you all the basic tools to be a successful Reflexologist, or empower you personally to facilitate the healing potential in your family, friends, and associates from a multitude of chronic and acute conditions that they may suffer from daily. The clear pictorials and presentations are designed to give you an easy to follow format that anyone can master.

Using Picture-in-picture as an education tool, each technique has a color guide to highlight the important areas of the foot.

• The introduction: refers to general information about the contents of the DVD

• The introduction to the general principles about the Reflexology Relaxation techniques.

• There are 7 chapters of Reflexology Relaxation Techniques these include:

  1. Eversion/Inversion
  2. Plantar Rocking
  3. Spinal Twister
  4. Diaphragm Reflex Technique
  5. Ankle Rotation
  6. R.A.M. Rapid Ankle Motion
  7. Butterfly in Motion

These seven reflexology relaxation techniques would be administered at the beginning of your treatment, in-between the different reflex areas of the feet and at the end of your treatment. These techniques should always feel good and should induce a relaxation response in the receiver.

• The Introduction to the general principles of the Finger Walking Techniques.

• The principles of how to perform the Thumb Walking Technique.

• There are 12 chapters demonstrating over 20 different sections or areas of the feet which show you how to perform the finger walking techniques on the reflex areas of the feet.

  1. Working the toes - The toes represent everything in the head and neck. By working the toes you will help: Sinus Problems, Headaches, Eye Problems, Ear problems, Neck pain, Vertigo, Migraines, most any condition in the head and neck.
  2. Eye/ear Reflexes - You will help conditions such as: Tinnitus, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Vertigo, Hearing problems.
  3. Chest/Lung/Breast/Upper Back/Upper Lymphatic Reflexes - Breathing problems, Upper back pain, Asthma, Chest Pain, Circulation to the heart, Shoulder problems, Lymphatic circulation upper extremity, Pulmonary edema, Emphysema, Bronchitis.
  4. Spinal reflexes - Low, Mid, Upper Back pain along the spine, Help improve nerve communication to every gland, organ and part of the body.
  5. Neck Muscle Reflexes - Neck pain, Muscle stiffness, Headaches
  6. Fine Tuning Cervical Vertebra Reflexes - Neck pain, Sinus Problems, Dizziness, Eye-Ear problems
  7. Chronic Uterus/Prostate/Sciatic/Rectal as well as the Prostate & Uterus Reflexes - Sciatica, Enlarged Prostate, Hemorrhoids
  8. Lower Lymph/Groin/Fal. Tube Reflexes - Edema in lower extremities, Swollen feet/ankles, Groin pain, Hernia
  9. Knee-Leg/Pelvic/Hip-Sciatic Reflexes - Knee pain, Leg pain, Neuropathy, Numbness in toes, Sciatica, Hip pain
  10. Ovary/ Testes Reflexes - Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen levels
  11. Internal Gland & Organ/Intestinal Reflexes - Liver challenges, Stomach problems, Nausea, constipation, Diarrhea, Gas pains, Crohn's Disease, Irritable bowel, Diverticulitis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome
  12. Specific Gland/Organ & Pin Point Reflexes which includes the: Brain, Pituitary, thyroid, Kidney, Adrenal, Ureter & Bladder, Ileocecal Valve, Sigmoid Colon Reflexes - Excess mucus or lack of mucus, Constipation, Sinusitis, Inflammation, Kidney stones, Over-active Bladder, High blood pressure, Excess fluid or water in the body.

• The DVD concludes with a summation which describes the sequence of a reflexology session as well as closing comments.


"My lead therapist informed me that she thought your DVD was very good. She does Reflexology and stated that the exercises you demonstrated were excellent. She added the DVD was easy to follow and the information was very clear. I will be using this as part of our continuing education series."

Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa
Cayman Islands BWI

"I just viewed your video and must tell you that it is one of the best instructional videos I have ever watched.  The photographic angles were very easy to understand, your voice-over was very calming and allowed me to follow exactly what you were saying, because I saw exactly what you were doing.  Overall, I was very satisfied that I could achieve all of those things from watching this video.  Your instruction and photography was so perfect that I could do that."

Susan, LMT

"Every Household could benefit greatly by having this DVD. The information and techniques on this DVD will empower the user to alleviate 90% of the ailments in the world today and will help prevent health challenges from occurring in the future. This DVD is a great adjunct to any health care program."

Scott Kingsbury
Certified Orthopedic Therapist
Certified Reflexologist
Continuing Education Provider



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